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The Proven Playbook to Rapid Growth
Full of Sales Secrets and New Sales Skills.

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets

"Billion Dollar Sales Secrets" is the catalyst for top sales tips that achieve results. It's full of B2B sales strategies, sales tips, and sales tools you can use now. Get more customers and drive revenue & more sales. Critics call this one of the best sales books today.

Joe Paranteau


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In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Break down & assess what's holding you back.

  • Learn your ideal customer profile, and how to align value with buying behavior.

  • Improve sales performance by always knowing what to say and how to say it in own way!

  • Conquer your selling jitters, and project confidence.

  • Navigate obstacles to rewrite the rules for the new economy.

  • Bold tips for B2B Sales, SDR Sales, B2C Sales, marketers, small business owners, and real estate professionals.

  • Billion Dollar Sales Secrets Hardcover
    Joe Paranteau - Author and Speaker

    Hi- I'm Joe Paranteau

    As a sales expert with over 35K+ sales meetings and billions in sales generated, I'm passionate about helping people and businesses achieve their dreams and reach new heights of success.

    Whether it's coaching, writing, speaking, or training, I share my talents to help others ignite their potential and improve their sales performance. My first book, "Billion Dollar Sales Secrets," is the culmination of my expertise and experience in the field. It's a fine-tuned guide to help you develop fresh, new sales habits and achieve success in your business.

    With sixteen sales certifications, awards, and thousands of happy customers, I've validated my sales approach and know what it takes to generate rapid growth. But my story goes deeper than just sales.

    As a member of a Native American tribe, I grew up facing immense obstacles, and my military service gave me a springboard to new opportunities. These experiences, combined with my business acumen, give me unique insights that I use to help my clients.

    Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in sales, my book has something for everyone. From creating predictable results to driving growth and cultivating lifetime customers, you'll find refreshing insights that you can use to succeed.

    I invite you to get to know me and read my book to learn more about how I can help you improve your sales performance, ignite your dreams, and achieve success. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and reach new heights of success.

    Have You Read One of the Best Business Books on Sales?

    The Axiom Business Book Awards are awarded to books that stand out in business. The highly coveted and competitive awards span across business categories and inform readers about trends and opportunities (Ray Dalio is a notable previous winner).

    Joe was thrilled and honored to receive anAxiom Business Book Award in sales. Discover sales insights that can help propel your success to new heights in this award-winning book!

    Joe Paranteau Axiom Awards
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    The book your competition hopes you will NEVER READ!

    Billion Dollar Sales Secrets builds sales skills to make your sales effective. 
    Will you know how to respond when your competition is landing all the deals?
    Customers love this type of selling savvy that delivers value for the long term.  
    It's sales enablement to fuel your rapid growth.

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    Bestselling Authors Love It!

    Phil M Jones Photo

    Global Bestselling Author & Speaker

    "This powerful read fast-tracks sales mastery...certain to positively impact your results."

    CEO & Bestselling Author

    “Inspiring approach to tackling sales focusing on developing the growth mindset required to be successful in the world of business today.”

    What They Are Saying...

    Sales is a numbers game.  What do you do when the numbers seem daunting?  Hear what these business leaders have to say.

    David Quackenbush

    "If you or your business is looking to accelerate your sales and customer relationships, you should have your entire team read this book."

    David Quackenbush, Vice Chairman, Gimmal LLC

    Hector Rodriguez

    "Joe worked for me when he met this challenge head-on. A billion dollars is a big number. Achieving this success level requires you to think big, plan for the long term, and never get comfortable or complacent. Joe's book gives you the insight, experience, and secrets to build and successfully execute the plan. This book is your new seller's bible."

    Hector Rodriguez, MBA, Technology and Healthcare Industry Leader 

    Jamie Tozzi

    "Unique and thought-provoking. This book is the perfect intersection of tactics, tips and tricks, and mindset training. A refreshing look at sales."

    Jamie Tozzi, Business Coach, Speaker, Advocate

    Professional Reviewers Love It

    The Ultimate Sales Training for Yourself or Your Team

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