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Ready to boost your sales performance?

The world has changed dramatically in the last year, and the nature of sales has changed as well. Don't spend another minute wondering how you will be the master of your sales destiny. 

It's here...

Top secret sales tips and strategies that will help you sell more, sell faster, and earn more for your business today.

And they work!

No more gimmicks from people who claim to have the answers. These secrets have been battle tested, and delivered more than a billion dollars in revenue over a five year span.  To put it clearly, that's $3M a day.  

Take a shortcut to what works in sales today. Improve your sales and your dreams. Become unstoppable!

I'm Ready

The book your competition hopes you will NEVER READ!

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets is the book that is changing sales.  Will you know how to respond when your competition is landing all the deals? Customers love this type of selling savvy that delivers value for the long term. 

Do you know the secrets?

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"This powerful read fast-tracks sales mastery...certain to positively impact your results."

Global Bestselling Author & Speaker

Exactly What to Say, Exactly What to Sell, and more

Read Chapter 1 - On Me

Join elite salespeople, entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants, real estate professionals, network marketers, consultants, and aspiring sellers who have all read this book ad started applying its principles! Don't delay, it's so easy to check it out.

I'm sharing the first chapter of Billion Dollar Sales Secrets for FREE!  I'm convinced that after you read a little, you will want to dive deeper and discover all the secrets that will bring your sales to new levels.

3 books of Billion Dollar Sales Secrets all fanned out.

Praise for Billion Dollar Sales Secrets

“Inspiring approach to tackling sales focusing on developing the growth mindset required to be successful in the world of business today. A valuable resource that can be used to thrive in sales”

Dawn McGruer, CEO & Bestselling Author – Dynamic Digital Marketing, Host of Dawn of A New Era Podcast

"Joe worked for me when he met this challenge head-on. A billion dollars is a big number. Achieving this success level requires you to think big, plan for the long term, and never get comfortable or complacent. Joe's book gives you the insight, experience, and secrets to build and successfully execute the plan. This book is your new seller's bible." 

Hector Rodriguez, MBA, Technology and Healthcare Industry Leader 

"Unique and thought-provoking. This book is the perfect intersection of tactics, tips and tricks, and mindset training. A refreshing look at sales."

Jamie Tozzi, Business Coach, Speaker, Advocate

 "If you or your business is looking to accelerate your sales and customer relationships, you should have your entire team read this book."

David Quackenbush, Vice Chairman, Gimmal LLC

Rush Me A Copy

Hi, I'm Joe

I've been selling my entire life, and have three decades working with the broadest range of companies in the world. 

I've led nearly 30K direct sales meetings - winning megadeals in the process. I've studied just about every sales strategy, and approach - latching on to the great ones and creating ones that work in real life. 

I actually crushed my numbers over a five year period to bring a very well known company another billion in revenue. There was no parade, but I began to distill everything I know about selling, into this book - Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, to help you. 

I've done the hard work. However, the secrets I share demand your focus, and discipline. 

If you have never sold, this book will make it easy for you to get started and generate momentum fast.  

Experienced sellers will find new ways to approach landing predictable results, and customers for life.

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Who needs these sales secrets?

Here are a few examples of how these insights can help you:

B2B Sales Reps

Are you under pressure to make your numbers, consistently?  Do you want to make the kind of $$$$ that gives you freedom?  Learn the basic human trait to skyrocket your sales once you adopt it.


You have a great business idea, but its not worth anything until you have a customer who bets on your business. Learn how to sell - even when you have no energy left!


Sales has always been "the other side of the coin".  Lift the veil and see the human side of selling that will make your offers and direct marketing soar!

Real Estate Professionals

In the hyper competitive world of real estate, there are the winners and everyone else.  Land the deals by understanding how to deploy the "people magnet" to turn strangers into customers, and generate referrals.

Small Business Owners

Even if you have no sales staff, learn how to keep a steady stream of revenue, no matter what crisis comes your way once you leverage these practical tools.

MLM/Direct Sellers

Are you trying to make your mark, and grow your downline?  Learn how to smash through boundaries and connect with complete strangers to earn their trust fast.

Consultants and Coaches

You want the kind of customers who trust you, and are willing to pay for your expertise.  But the thought of selling scares the hell out of you.  Learn how to become as steady as an oak tree, one that customers value and retain - even when times get tough!


Are you a lawyer, doctor, or professional who is outsourcing your sales to others, hoping that they represent your business well?  Learn how to sell to lead others and your business to grow just the way you've always dreamed it would be.

Recruiters & Students

Are you a recruiter looking for new clients, and new talent. Are you a student searching for a career?  Learn the nine essential traits to help you rise up and win!


Welcome to a new era of selling. 

Whether you’re launching a startup, selling products, or recruiting people to your organization, you need to focus on sales.

How well equipped are you to handle sales conversations?  How should you lead a buyer to the place where they want to buy from you?

You can spend lots of time, effort, and energy to get good at selling: 

Read books day & night, Listen to podcasts, Practice your pitch, Take classes, Write sales scripts & test them out……

Only to find that you are now thousands of dollars poorer and more frustrated. You're bleeding money waiting for a customer to find and fund your business.

Let's say you get a customer interested. How well can you negotiate a deal, reaching an agreement so that your customers will pay you? 

This book isn't like any other sales information you've seen before.

It’s finely tuned insights from a seller, who has sold more in a few years than most companies ever dream of.

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If you can't find one thing in this book that will fundamentally change your sales game, send it back - no questions asked.  I'll give you your money back.

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