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Add Some Sizzle To Your Summer Reading List

I know selling in today's economy can be brutal. Challenges abound, and it can at times seem overwhelming.

That's how I felt when I was facing a $420Million annual quota.  I had to sell $2M a day!

After exceeding my targets, and selling a billion in revenue over a five year span, I wanted to discover the secrets of sales success.  

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets is a guidebook to the intricate details of sales performance.  I spent three years re-discovering what makes the top 1% of sellers stay on top.  I benchmarked top salespeople throughout the world. Then I started to organize my findings in fifteen secrets to serve as the bedrock for sales success.

I love reading sales books, and have read just about all of them. I worked to incorporate elements I never found in any sales book or training, but are essential to success.  

You can try to figure these out independently or get on the onramp to the fast path.  

Since I want you to succeed, I've going to give you a version of my book for free.  


What's Inside

Inside the book you will find tactics, techniques, and mindsets to show you how to get the consistent results that will help you smash your RBI year after year.

This is more than just a sales or business book; it’s jam-packed with valuable life lessons that will help you get a a rare look into sales success. The fundamentals can be used in many different ways. Here is a sample of what's inside:

✔ Three concrete ways to improve yourself RIGHT NOW (Yes, you can implement these anywhere at any time, and they will bring top performance.) (Chapter 1)

✔ The Nine Superstar Traits to rise up and win (Chapter 3)

✔ How to GET THINGS DONE when you have no energy left. (This is how master salespeople amass wealth and power.)

✔ Practical tools to conquer doubt and bad days (how to smash through any boundaries and turn a bad day into pure gold) (Page 47)

✔ The most unpredictable aspect of your sale (and how to manage it properly and get unlimited referrals)

✔ ‘No B.S.’ ways to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, gain their trust and undivided attention, and ultimately get the sale (as well as loyal customers)

✔ What you say when you’re not talking (overlooked aspects of sub-communications that are ruining your sales)

✔ How to unleash the power of storytelling

And more…

Check Out What People Are Saying

"Unique and thought-provoking. This book is the perfect intersection of tactics, tips and tricks, and mindset training. A refreshing look at sales."

Jamie Tozzi

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant.  Former MS GM.

"Achieving sales mastery is something that is almost always earned the hard way, through decades of experience. This powerful read fast-tracks that experience, delivering you proven methodology that when applied, are certain to positively impact your results."

Phil M. Jones

NY Times Bestselling Author

"What I liked best about this book was that it is not just a set of rules of engagement concerning a business. It also helps people look within themselves to find how they may be sabotaging their work through personal problems or ways of thinking that need changed. I found this to be a discerning way of approaching any goal, and it will prove useful in the future. ""


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Here you go.  I want you to benefit from these learnings, that I'm making it easy for you to jump right in.  No strings attached.

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  • Topics Covered

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Sales Pro

Instead of buying this in a bookstore, you can get some extras designed to help you take some of the books contents to a deeper level.

  • Everything in the starter, plus...

  • *.wav audio author narration for every chapter

  • Signed paperback copy

  • Free access to goal setting training

  • Sales tips & templates

  • Elite Sellers Academy

  • Supplemental e-Books (Storytelling, Developing Self Discipline, Overcoming Procrastination, Public Speaking Skills)




Guru Kit

If you like hardcover books and absolutely want to get all the extras to take action, then you are a billion dollar success story in the making.

  • Everything in the Starter & Sales Pro versions plus...

  • Signed hardcover book, with dustjacket.

  • 4 additional e-Books (Storytelling, Developing Self Discipline, Overcoming Procrastination, Public Speaking Skills)

  • Free access to the future Elite Selling Academy ($9/mo - July 18th launch)




About Author

Joe Paranteau.

Joe Paranteau is the author of Billion Dollar Sales Secrets and works at Microsoft. He leads a sales team and serves as an industry leader for healthcare customers.

He is a sales coach and mentor, keynote speaker, small business owner, entrepreneur, and investor.

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, he is committed to veteran's issues. He supports causes to end child trafficking and exploitation. Visit him on LinkedIn or at www.thejpar.com

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